Pink Floyd


The cover. Check their album covers. Now rejoice.

Yerevan brought  plenty of pleasant surprises but a very unpleasant one as well: the biting cold of January. We shivered with Marina, an Armenian girl studying journalism at the local university. She had shown me through the city, hoping that the symbol of the country, the majestic Mount Ararat would show, but as light diminished and the fog kept the mountain under its veil, we decided to find a place and get something to drink. The café was on the corner of a street that had lightbulbs hanging above it, which made a particularly interesting sight. Trying to avoid the traffic light and the higher buildings in the background, I only let one of the houses on the corner sneak into the photo (plus those branches). My camera was on 3.5 and 1/500, and the result was exactly what I hoped for: an almost desaturated silhouette of dozens of little lightbulbs.

Later on we did manage to see Ararat as well, but for that night, it was the only photo I took. A hot cup of coffee and a lenghty conversation about Armenia’s bitter history awaited for us, framing a more than ideal day spent in the capital.


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