Well, because they look like that. Don’t they?

The seacoast in Trabzon serves as an instant getaway for those who get tired of the murky and grim atmosphere of the city. Although the nearby docks and a sewer canal does not improve the picture, I found it more than soothing to spend uncountable hours strolling along the coast. The soft, warm colors of the sunset always made Trabzon look like the city that it has hardly ever been: a lively, adorable town in the Black Sea region.
Most of the times I was on my own since folks of Trabzon do not like walking that much, and the coast is only accessible by crossing the highway on foot. But this day I encountered two friends sitting and chatting, their backs to the city. Normally I do not like pictures of people taken from behind, but their position (which hardly changed for long minutes) oozed some sort of peace, as one listened with his back bent to the other explaining something. The sun was already down and the usual pink colors took over the sky; I have decided to go with 3.5 and risked a little by choosing a 1/250 shutter speed. I clicked twice, one after another, catching one of the guys turning a little bit sideways, making his face more visible. They did spot me though and they did not look impressed at all, so I used my usual ‘looking in the distance as if my subject was there’ stare to bounce them off. It worked, and I put the camera back to its bag.

The lights were low: it was time to walk a little.


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