Red poppy


A terribly thoughtful title for an otherwise pleasing subject.

Balaton. The biggest lake of Central Europe, called the ‘Hungarian Sea’. But for me, it’s home. I’ve moved way too many times through my life, but our lakeside house has always been there: we spend every summer with family and friends in the small town of Fonyód. Two hills provide a flawless vantage point at the Norther side of the lake: most of the Balaton postcards will feature the exact same viewpoint I’m showing you now. It was mid May, 2012 and a particularly warm day. The path on the hill was silent: the city was just getting ready for the peak season. Red poppies bloom late spring, and huge amounts of it covered the hill. While some say the scenery is an overused cliché of Balaton, I thought the red poppies would give something extra to it. Unfortunately the side got burnt (a feature you’ll spot on many future pictures), but the vivid colors and cheerfulness of the image gives an accurate glimpse of why I cannot get tired of Balaton for 26 years.

4 thoughts on “Red poppy

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