This is what it is. A shelter for reading.

Trabzon, the city is grey and dull. Trabzon, the region is green and vivid. The city stretches on the coast of the Black Sea, which makes it quite ‘long’ but also ‘narrow’: if you head South, you reach the borders pretty soon and find yourself in the nature in no time.

One of my many walks came after my mid-class (teenagers) was cancelled for the early afternoon, and I was awarded with three free hours. I took one of the more remote roads leading out of the city, keeping my camera ready. The air was super humid: thick fog veiled the valley the road led me into. My toes were freezing and I decided to turn back. But just before taking a U turn at the crossroad, I turned my head to the right. It was one of those ‘you are commanded to do’ kind of actions. Thirty-some meters away from the road, down the side of the ridge running along the valley I spotted a lady. I couldĀ see she was sitting in the cover of bushes and trees. Her dark coat gave her hiding spot away: she was reading a book of some sort. This unique moment and the fact that I had my 80-200 mm with me (something I tend to forget to bring) got me excited. I clicked twice (a habit I have for particularly rare shots), one after another. Cars passing behind me muted the camera’s otherwise loud sound, not disturbing the lady in her peace.

Some friends told me she might have been reading the Qur’an; I couldn’t confirm this ever since.


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