3 X 2


Count the couples. Got it?

My first day in the Armenian capital was an especially unfriendly one. Foggy and humid air greeted me as I left my hostel to meet Marina. Downtown Yerevan reminded me of the innermost districts of Budapest: 4-5 storey buildings with tiny shops crammed on their ground floor. We must have been complaining about the weather when suddenly the monotonous line of buildings was broken up by a huge empty space that led to an immense stairway. I am not convinced the words ‘stairway’ or ‘steps’ would be fitting to describe the Cascade, but even after the fog started to lift off the city, the steps seemed to be running to the clouds. Oh well, that was a poetic (and bad) exaggeration.

Either way, the Cascade offers a pretty view and a more than appealing perspective for taking photos. Some levels are covered by bushes, with a couple of benches placed in between them. So how could I not take a photo when three couples happened to sit right in front of me, with equal distance from each other both in width and length (depth)? It gave me a more than ideal composition; I even had the luxury to show two-thirds of the city behind, adding more depth to the main theme of the image.


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