Well, the wheels, and the circles she was riding.

My sister wants to become a ballet dancer. On different days, she wants to become a violinist; and other days, just simply a princess. The only constant thing is her desire to have her stuff in girly colors. It was a real pain to get the girliest bike (since she also wanted a retro vibe), but somehow we managed buy one, only to realize that she is not into cycling anymore. Either way, on a particularly warm day in October we convinced her to join us for a walk in the neighborhood. And naturally, to take he bike alongside. Fortunately my dad lives in the outskirts of Budapest, which comes with a lush, green and peaceful environment. Eventually Katinka started enjoying our stroll and started circling around me. I am usually too scared to shoot action on film: I’ve destroyed too many frames in the past with blurred images and shitty exposure. Not this time though. I kept on focusing on her, trying to keep an appropriate distance between me and her. I did not even have time for checking whether she is in the frame completely, I had to shoot.

Months after this happened, I showed her the newly developed pictures. She thought she looked pretty and asked for taking out the camera the next time we’d go for a walk.


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