I guess I am just too lazy for a pun here.

Mosquito island. This is how they call that extremely narrow piece of land that was built in order to block the waves and help ships docking at the Fonyód docks. These days it is private property: we can only stare at the priviliged few fishing or feeding the seagulls. Summer had started and I just returned from another Turkish trip: I still had a bw roll in my camera (my first, to be more precise). It was only half an hour til sunset and I had to realize that Balaton’s pretty colors will not appear as I’d want them to. I just could not imagine a sunset looking pretty in black and white. This is when two people showed up on the other side, feeding the seagulls and the ducks surrounding them. I rarely take ‘portrait mode’ pictures: I just feel the wide angle landscape mode grants a greater perspective at most subjects. But by then it was not the case. I felt I could play with the image by making the island the 2/3 disection line, emphasizing the man stretching his arm and the birds flying around in the middle. I created more space by using two thirds for basically nothing but the sky- the fact that one lone bird is seen circling at the top just makes the actual image feel bigger. Developing damaged the upper third of the image, and since it was already black and white, it gave my picture a vintage look.

It’s up to your eyes whether the result is pleasing or not!


2 thoughts on “Feeding

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