The railway station of the rising sun


This pun is so terrible I won’t even try explaining it.

Railway stations are not places where people wander around a lot. You get your ticket, find your train and get out of the station as soon as possible. But if you happen to visit the same station for over 5 years, you start looking at it differently. Budapest – Keleti made headlines last summer for the refugees camping around its building, hoping to catch a ride towards Austria. But this picture was taken well before that. To be exact, I took it precisely two years ago. I had to catch an early train to Eger. Needless to say how terrible it felt like to be out of bed around 6 am in the biting cold of January. But then the sun decided to turn things around. I only had a small window at the bright and vivid colors, so I can only imagine how it looked outside of the station. Plus that terrible sign board crept into the frame no matter how much I tried to get rid of it. Eventually I decided to include the board and give it a major role, somehow opposing its artificial, dim light against the bright sunrise. I had nowhere to run: I had my ticket, found my train and the sunrise did not want me to get out of the station for thirty more minutes.


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