I never named a girl after a fruit. Until now.

A real vintage photo. This is precisely the second picture I’ve ever taken with my Minolta. The girl pictured (let’s call her by her nickname, Elma, or Apple in English) showed up in Trabzon for a week. We met via couchsurfing. She had some kind of a business assignment, she had to travel through the Karadeniz region each week.  She was married but already amidst of the divorcal procedure. Even though the topic was a little heavy, she never lost that captivating, adorable smile, and since she did not mind my camera pointing at her while talking, I thought the settings were perfect for a shot (the first picture will be posted soon on the blog). I’m truly grateful for her patience. I talked for 30 seconds straight while trying to find the proper settings and she managed to keep herself contained (and eventually flashed the smile I was waiting for). We enjoyed a couple of beers, exchanged a few stories and later even more than that.

We have not met ever since, though. I heard she got married again.


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