There is no pun, it’s just what it is.

The North-Eastern part of Hungary is a relatively unknown area for me, despite of spending almost five years in the town of Eger. Miskolc, this industrial city within 100 kms from Eger simply qualified as uncharted territory. Why would I go there? Like, ever.

But then Eszter happened. If you have paid attention through the previous posts, you might have figured already that unattractive locations can suddenly become extremely attractive due to certain things. So it turned out that Miskolc is a lovely city. We bumped into this hill: mighty trees stretched towards the sky and a mysterious church sat atop, hidden by most of the branches. The sun was already going down, and I could only wish we’d catch the last beams. As we reached the top, I realized it is not only a chapel, but also a cemetery, with tombstones dating back to the 19th century. There was something ethereal about it. The sun gleamed through the myriad of leaves, casting long shadows everywhere. I lost sight of Eszter: there were so many details for the eye, it almost became painful to process everything.

And then there she was, gazing at the sinking sun, amidst the tombstones. I really wanted to emphasize her figure, but I assume I failed at it. I actually do not consider this a good picture. But the harmony between subject and nature, and the story behind it improve the shortcomings of the image itself.


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