It’s all about the composition.

The beauty of Trabzon. The polluted bay, the rubbish-ridden coast and the murky, grayish buildings crammed onto one another. The only spot I actually loved in the city. Yeah, this is the place I was talking about in Monks. Only fishermen and lonely folks came here. The former in hope of catching some fish, the latter in hope of finding some peace. Although I liked to think the former came for peace rather than fish as well. Well, I was the weirdo going for the peace and the fishermen. Their figures provided stark silhouttes each time the Sun was disappearing in the West. So let’s get down to the image, shall we?

It’s only ten minutes or so until light diminishes to a point where only vague outlines can be seen. One lone fisherman struggles with bait, and impatiently looks towards my direction. He is way too far and way too suspicious to be approached. I decide to stay. Suddenly another man shows up, coming from the parking lot. He looks directly into my eyes, and then my camera. It’s either the ‘what the hell are you doing here’ or the ‘I’ll just walk in front of you so that you will have a perfectly balanced image with my buddy in the background’. Clearly it was the second case. Perspective is everything in this image: the shrinked figure of the fisherman facing us sideways contrasts a the friend, walking with his back to us.

Don’t you dare to say a bad word about Trabzon. I love that city.


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