The stars are out


And that’s a Bowie reference, yes.

No, this is not a bad example of how not to amputate people’s bodies with your camera. It could be, though. The thing is, since they were so overjoyed by the fact that I was holding a camera, I decided to not give an utter crap about basic rules such as cropping an image properly. This little wonder happened in the ‘Castle district’ of Ankara (make no mistake, one of the poorest areas of the capital).

It is my first photo tour. We are being led by some Turkish guys around. As we spread out in the little alleys, I lose visual on most of the others. Children are playing around, with their mothers and grandmothers watching over them from the doorframes and windows. Some kids run to me and demand a photo, but my analog heart(less I know) refuses. I would try to explain in Turkish why I am not willing to take a picture, but it would be futile. I even doubt I would sound convincing to English or Hungarian kids. But then I spot two girls, fooling around and taking swift glimpses at me. They are too shy to ask for a photo, but playful enough to call my attention. So I kneel down, curse a little as I realize that I have my tele lens applied (I think I never had the tele lens applied when it was actually needed). A little manipulation: I have to ask them to stride backwards.

And then they strike poses. I am not sure whether they understand I am only taking one picture: they are posing for at least one minute. I click once, somewhere around the 40th second. They ran into my arms, demanding to see the picture on the LCD screen. Their joy turns to disappointment as I show them the back of the Minolta X-700. Well, their faces are breaking my heart.

Probably that is why I am planning to bring a print version of the picture to them.


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