This image is over 130 years old.

No, it is not an actual daguerreotype. It is from the one (and thus far, only) black and white roll I used. After arriving back from Trabzon in 2013, I had an Ilford 400 loaded with a couple of frames left; the following is the brief story of the image above.

If you have read my previous posts, you might know that the little girl pictured is my sister. Stepsister, to be more accurate, even though I refuse to label her (or any of my other brothers) like that. So Katinka actually loves posing for the camera. They live on the 9th floor of an apartment building: the flat is in the corner, which makes most rooms brighter than usual. And sunsets are terrific.

So, I am cleaning my camera, and Katinka is watching something on the TV. As the sun creeps towards the horizon, soft beams lighten up the living room. She is still staring at the TV, even though she recognizes the camera in my hands. She does not turn, nor say anything; she patiently awaits. She is getting used to analog I guess. As I click once, she turns and smiles at me

At first I thought the image was a failure, mostly due to the burnt edges. But then I spotted the lights on her hair, the lips and the nose and also the spark in the right eye. The sinking sun had helped me capturing an image similar to the daguerreotypes of the 19th century. That was when I started liking the photo.


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