Double pun. Finder earns a prize.

Last time I wrote it was about how long it takes for a roll to finish. After two months of silence, I think it is safe to apply the same theory for my blogging skills: [an] has definitely entered its Lazy period. Back in the planning phase, I thought of posting twice a week, but alas…

It is a Sunday in October, 2012. It is the second time I walk along the fishermen’s street, a long strip of concrete with a row of tiny, rickety houses on one side and the highway on another. I have only been here twice. First time was during my Erasmus (spring of 2011); memories were made. Now it feels like I’m just revisiting those memories. But unlike the last time, there is some life on the street. A few men are out, fixing their boats and nets. Clearly, I’m the yabanc─▒ around: they all look at me with suspicion in their eyes. Chilling with the 80/200 is not the best camouflage; nor having green eyes and pale skin. My frustration is obvious: these dudes provide an excellent subject, but the moment I’d finally take a chance, they’d yell ‘Dur, dur, yapma!’. Or something less comprehensible and probably more vulgar. But then I find The Man Who Fixes His Net As If It Helps Him Reach Nirvana. What I mean is that he was focused.

And yet I managed to tilt the picture a little! The enthusiasm of finding an unaware fisherman ┬ácombined with the frustration of ‘what if he spots me’ resulted in an OK, but tilted composition.Also, too much light steals the attention from the net. Also, the door on the left. Also, too much whining…


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