Favorite films


Well, this post is about my favorite films.

Just a little bit about the technicalities, mostly because my recent purchase has made me incredibly excited. Even though I have been shooting on film for about four years now, I have not really experimented with different types of films (well, and I never really tried different cameras either; I just love the Minolta too much). To be honest, I have been pretty ignorant about film sensitivity until recent. To my defense, most shops sell only 200 sensitivity, so until I made it to Istanbul’s Sirkeci district, I never thought of various levels of film sensitivity. But an old shopkeeper, hidden above a fancy digital camera accessories shop has introduced me to the fine world of grain (badum-ts). I took home a couple of expired, color 100, 200 and 400 rolls plus an Ilford BW 400. While I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my first ever bw roll, I didn’t really consider how grainy the images of a 400 film would be. I just had no clue how to use it, let’s admit (some do).

But now, while buying my regular color, 200 Fuji (yes, I’m that cheap) I spotted a lonely little box with ‘Ilford’ written over it. The shopkeeper did not really know whether they were selling it or not, but sold it way cheaper than he should have. And the reason I’m excited? Since you cannot really buy fine quality BW film in Hungary (or simply I just lack the time and the willingness to search for those places), finding such a roll has always been my dream. I mean, just look at this.

Bottom line, the rejuvenated blog will be updated soon with photos from the previous months, and in the meantime, this adorable BW roll will be tested through the summer of ’16.


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