It’s her hair. Her hair was like vanilla.

I know, I know, there were more recent pictures promised, and this is from two years ago. Still, I realized there has been a disturbingly low amount of human beings in the previous posts, so before contiuing with another landscape photo (and the BW that is being developed right now!), here is another anecdote, this time about a girl.

Let’s call her Mary. She has never been The girl, but she was A girl. We never got to the point when we can actually refer to us as “us” or anything as such; yet her influence through my first one year during my MA in Eger is undeniable.

So it’s April, early morning. I finish my night shift, and as I hastily climb on my bike to get home as soon as I can, Mary sends me a text, saying that she wants to come over. I would protest that I’m tired, but she has no compassion towards any of such excuses. She is waiting for me in front of my flat sleepily, but her eyes vivid as always.

An hour later or so, she stands completely naked in the door frame, enjoying the view at the hills behind the city. It’s a gorgeous morning indeed. As I watch her silhoutte from behind, I slowly take up the camera. She probably knows what I’m up to, but acts natural. “Mary, turn your head a little to the right”- that’s my first ever order to my photo subject. “I hope my rear won’t be visible” she quips with a playful tone. Slightly, I think.

And then all come together: the darkness ruling almost half of the photo on both sides, the soft light falling on her long, blonde hair, and the left side of the hip, with the hills and bright skies behind. Mary was gone shortly after, but the photo would stay here for a long time to come.


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