District 13

1031 (2)

There is a hidden movie reference in the title.

So, the long awaited roll is finally here. It was a slight disappointment: I tend to overlook the fact that the ISO of a film matters. Thus, an unusually high number of frames were underexposed (at least 6 out of 37) and another couple overexposed (3 or 4). With my regular color films, I only get two or three under AND overexposed. But anyway. Let’s get down to it.

Anna, Andris, Gergő and Misi (from L to R, mother, brother, stepdad, brother, in that order) do not visit us too often. They are 50% of my family – and they have been living in England for the last 5 years. School, work and all. They actually have not been here altogether for like 3 years.

So this time is special. It is our last day: we have spent a weekend at Lake Balaton, walked around Budapest a lot, chatted and discussed how our imagine solar system will fit in the Warhammer 40k universe (turns out it fits well). And then the last evening comes. We find a little restaurant in the 13th district of Budapest – a place I lived in for a year (and my stepdad for most of his life) which is also infamous for “giving home” to the ghetto during WW2. The dinner is good, so is our spirits; the thought of farewell seems distant. As we exit the building, we all wander a little, adults discuss what to do, brothers discuss whether our system would survive a Tyranid invasion. My camera is at my side, but was untouched the whole day. Now I suddenly take it out, asking them to look at me for just one second. They probably have three seconds at most to strike a pose, leading to an uncanny group photo.

Something to cherish til next summer.

[penultimate photo on Ilford FP4 125, 3.5 / 1/60, shortly before sunset]


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