Three men and a car to counterbalance a woman.

The World Press Photo exhibition has come into town: the 2016 edition of the best press photos are being exhibited in Budapest. I’ve longing to visit such an exhibition for a while, and I must say that – after doing so- I did not regret my decision. Well, at least not when strickly speaking about the photos; the exhibiton’s arrangement was horrible, taking back a little from the overall experience. It also turns out that bringing your date to such an event might conflict with your awareness that you’d normally pay to such pictures, but alas…

This post will not be an anecdote this time; it is merely a dejá vu I had while visiting the upper floor exhibit (the little brother of World Press itself) which displayed Pulitzer winning photographs of the refugee crisis. Okay, onto the picture itself. Some might say that an almost two-dimensional composition of some silhouttes, lit by the warm yellowish tones of the sinking sun is just too kitschy for a quality photograph. Well, I’m deeply sorry but these photos cannot cease to amaze me. Here is the picture I saw, reminding me the one I took earlier (to be precise, in 2012 October):


Copyright: László Balogh

Et en plus, look at both subjects: a separated woman’s figure is positioned opposing to a bigger group of people (men?), with more light coming from the direction of both of their figures.

Browse the link above or visit the exhibition itself – it’s a terrific, moving, sad, uplifting collection of images showing a glimpse of our world in 2016.


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