No easy girl


He just wanted a hug.

Ankara Castle has been a recurring guest on this blog, and today is no different. Same photo walk session, so no need for describing the surroundings.

The rest of the photographers are out there, taking pictures of the marvellous view. I spot a couple, sitting at the edge of the wall, facing the least marvellous portion of the view: clearly, they are more concerned with each other. Or, at least the guy is more concerned: he tries hugging the girl, drawing her a little closer – showing the affection you want to receive from someone you like very much. She is somewhat resistive; maybe it’s the public space or her lack of affection; we will never know. But she constantly dodges the hugs and turns her head away. In the meantime, I place my camera on the ground, right on their level as I stand in the middle of a staircase (this is not one of those occasions when I forget to bring my tele lens either). This is probably my slowest exposition in terms of waiting time: it takes a full quarter of an hour until there is nobody crossing the field between the camera and the subject, and until my subjects’ body language reflect the “story” I see in them. When I push the exposition button, a man crosses the field, possibly ruining the whole image. It took 3 months to see that the image was not ruined – furthermore, the moment was captured just the way I wanted it.


5 thoughts on “No easy girl

  1. I really like the faint light leak (or is it the sun?) running vertically about a third of the way in from the left of the picture. Lovely story about how film photography makes us slow down and become more patient.


    • Hey Dan, thanks for the comment! Well, I’d love if it was the sun – but there is a slight leak at the back of the camera’s body which randomly exposes a number of frames to some extra light. I have a separate folder for the pictures ruined by this effect.


      • I had an X-700 for a while, the best Minolta body I tried. Amazing viewfinder, especially with the MC Rokkor-PF 58/1.4 I had! Loved the Rokkor lenses, but just couldn’t quite connect with the bodies, so I sold them all eventually and use Contax almost exclusively now. I have a light leak issue with a little Ricoh R10 compact currently – sometimes it adds to the charm of the photograph but usually it’s just annoying!


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