Split ends


Who are these people? Why are they so close without being bothered by the camera?

This is one of those lost photographs everyone has. I remember most of the frames on this roll, but this particular image was just forgotten. Well, until now! I found this shot while I was rummaging through my photo folders.

So I guess it was October, probably 2014. A more than decent winery opened its gates that summer, and despite of the favorable ratings, we were lazy enough to visit it only a day before the end of the season. Were we getting there or leaving I cannot remember clearly. Gyuri and Tekla, dating by then for quite a while, were strolling in front of us with the Sun quickly setting behind our backs.

You know there’s the golden hour, and there’s The Golden Hour: for me that is clearly those autumn days when the already soft light gets even softer.

‘Hey you two!’

And then I take the photo, not waiting for them to realise whether I asked them to look into the camera or to stare into the sunset.


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