Inner lake

There is no pun. This is an inner lake.

Look, I don’t really know what to say about this picture. We checked out the Robert Capa exhibit in Budapest on Saturday, and I’m sort of out of words. It’s not just seeing The Fallen Soldier  It’s not seeing just those D-day photos.It’s not just seeing his last picture before getting fatally injured by stepping on a landmine. It’s not just re-reading the heartbreaking story of Taro… It’s altogether, everything. I guess it was one part Capa, and one part the power of black and white that struck me with an inexplicable, immense force.

But this blog is still about image and text, so a few words about this picture… You already know Balaton well from the Fonyód angle. Now is the time for a different perspective: the touristy peninsula of Tihany. The slope we climbed was crammed with foreigners, something that usually switches off my instincts when it comes to photography. I just want to get out of the suffocating crowd. This is probably why I took zero pictures the way up, even though the scenery is just gorgeous. But then as we walked downhill, I saw a little opening between two peasant houses. With the tele lens mounted, I could easily ignore the otherwise annoying surroundings, creating a pseudo-stillness. Cars whizzing by, hordes of tourists, sign posts, houses and all, right around me, as I juggle with leaving all these out of the frame. It is a way of lying with your photo: the byproduct shows you an island of peace whereas I took it from a disturbingly busy spot.

Yes, I’m admiring the wonders of the “zoom” function.

By the way, see the fading silhoutte of a mountain in the background? That’s the same Badacsony you have seen here before.

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