Kabak ridge


You think there’s no pun, but the title refers to a Mike Oldfield album.

This is the second frame from the roll I used during our stay in Kabak (see the previous picture here). Although I did use expired rolls before, this wasn’t the case here.

All three girls were already on their way to the beach (just shortly before the sun would set) when I realized I had forgotten to take my camera. I wasn’t sure it would worth it at all; when it comes to sunsets, I like to know where exactly the sun would sink just to even contemplate the idea of a single frame. During the day┬áI also figured that the sun at the Kabak beach might just go down behind the Western ridge of the coast, providing a less impressive image. Or at least that’s what I thought.

It was that ‘you gotta take your camera, no questions’ sort of moment. When I caught up with the girls, they were already on the beach, staring at the extravaganza of colors amassed on the horizon. The sun was almost gone, and having no tripod I got scared that the shot wouldn’t be sharp enough. Amidst the haste, I nearly forgot the camera settings, I basically clicked without much care to lights and reflections.

Yeah, all the colors are over the top. It’s a little grainy, a little overexponated around the sun; still, it feels like an accurate depiction of the inexplicable, simple beauty of that moment – and those couple of days we spent in Kabak.

I also have a post about this on my old blog; read here if interested.

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