Something stretches in this picture.

A farewell shot from Kabak. You already know the setting, right?  Well, this was taken just around the time we left the valley. I raced towards the top – with myself. I always seem to have more energy when I climb uphill, and this was the case here as well. I could feel my heartbeat in my throat. I was almost running on the trail when suddenly I found myself at the peak. The girls were well behind me (I suppose they chose a more enjoyable way to ascend), so even though having everything packed up, I still had time to get out my beloved camera.

This was one of those moments when I could have really used a wide angle lens since the 35-70mm was just simply unable to get the true scope of the view from that vantage point. Still, the ridge at the top-left gives you a feel of the size of these mountains literally running into the Mediterranean.

Once the shutter clicked, I started to hear the girls’ voices; we would go on to the village and have a last cay until the last dolmush would take us to Fethiye. But that’s another story- and other photos to accompany it, too.


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