Œuvres majeures / Facades.

This little wonder is somewhere hidden in the Bükk mountains. Szilvásvárad is a tiny town located in a gorgeous valley, probably an hour ride from Eger (my uni’s town). It’s a pretty touristy location, families, lovers, friends alike find something enjoyable in the surroundings. We usually went there with the international students of Eger: we would rent a bike and cycle uphill, then descend to the valley. Spring is fine and summer is cool as well, but it is undoubtedly autumn that presents you the most stunning the scene.

Cyclists whizz by as I  raise the viewfinder to my eye. A couple of them shout my name (‘Peter’ instead of ‘Péter’) but they cannot distract me. The tiny lake is still – only a few ripples from stones thrown by children on my side. but the other side is perfectly motionless. Hey camera, I hope you aren’t burning this one, I whisper to myself.

Just a little. Still, it’s fine.


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