Stay the Same


Also, the new Bonobo album is out.

Picture the same old view: the ancient, rugged ex-volcanoes of the North side of Lake Balaton. Then imagine you climb uphill on the South side with your camera in your hand. It’s July. A particularly windy day; despite of the warmth, people prefer staying in. Now imagine that you reach the vantage point where all the fancy tourist signs are put. Badacsony (437m), Gulács (393m), Csobánc (376m), Tóti-hegy (347m), from left to right. But does that matter? The lake has a particularly greenish hue. The wind sweeps through its surface, creating thousands of tiny waves. Ripples, they seem from here. And then imagine the irreproducible blue sky stretching above large masses of torn, but fluffy clouds.

Nothing bothers me while composing the image. I just only need the camera hood to behave and not let any extra light through…

Well, sometimes you cannot have everything in its right place. And this was probably the first time I didn’t mind the side getting burnt.


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