Something new, something old


An old camera ain’t a bad a camera.

I thought that I would never have more than one camera. I had several reasons to maintain a modest equipment (read about it here) without expanding it, which include:

  1. I know that X-700 inside out. Literally.
  2. I love that X-700 to pieces.
  3. I got attached to it way too much.

But then again, there were some reasons against keeping only one camera and for getting a new one:

  1. Light leakage. Several photos get ruined by random stripes of light.
  2. The joy of a fixed lens: dimly lit areas don’t hurt exposition that much and/ or better DoF could be attained (my old lens’ lowest F value was 3.5)
  3. The joy of having more options: thus far I only had an extra lens option, now the variability has suddenly risen

But that’s 3-3. I had been undecided for years about buying a new camera. Without much ado, here’s why I chose to acquire a new camera:

  1. A photographer friend noted that some of my pictures are nice, but, and I quote, ‘Doesn’t it bother you that your camera doesn’t function well?’.

And then, just when a final nudge was needed, she also posted me a link of a used XG 1 for sale. It didn’t take long until I ordered it.

Other bloggers did a much better job with reviewing this model than I’d ever able to (read this post). I also know that the XG 1 is somewhat regarded as the grandpa of the much more popular X-700. But the real deal (apart from the camera being a sturdy and reliable one) is the lens. Normally the XG 1 comes a 50 mm f/1.4 lens, but this one is a 55 mm f/1.7 one. If you aren’t hyped, check this link.

So yes, this post is merely a ‘hooray’ without anything worthwhile to say. Apart from starting taking analog photography a tiny bit more seriously. Here, spread the love:



3 thoughts on “Something new, something old

  1. I just this week finished shooting a roll in my XG 1! Mine came with the 45mm f/2 Rokkor-X so that’s what I shot it with.

    I own two X-700s but both wound up with that dreaded locked-winder problem. I bought the XG 1 as research didn’t reveal any common problems. I wanted a reliable body for my MD lenses!


    • Hey Jim, thanks for the comment! That’s exactly what I heard about the XG 1, it’s a really underrated model. My X 700 has no issues with the winder, however the light leak ruins 4-8 photos per roll. So how is the XG 1 working out for you so far?


      • I’ve only shot a few rolls with it, but it has been a pleasant and reliable machine. All the controls are where you expect them to be. It is on the small side, and it is light.


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