The Old Faithful


Not thinking about Yellowstone here.

This is what happens when you try to work ahead and create six blog posts only with a picture and a pun below it. A month later you just forget what the purpose of the title and the pun should have been. Apologies.

Anyway, onto our topic. I do understand that lens flares aren’t cool in the eyes of some professionals. I also understand that it’s more like a personal preference based argument rather┬áthan an ‘imma disagree with the consensus just to be hip’ kind. Global warming, anyone?

So, I consider lens flare a… whatever. I love taking photos facing direct sunlight. Call me hip or an instagram warrior, but a mild lens flare is fine by me.

Knowing this, I climbed the castle hill of Eger as the sun was descending towards the horizon. I couldn’t really search for an ideal vantage point, so I was stuck along the railway, trying to figure out one last, decently lit photo. Pretty churches and soft, warm colors is all I wanted. Those damned wires though! I just couldn’t get them out of the frame. After a brief struggle, I decided that if I couldn’t get rid of them, “imma”┬ámake them steal the main role from my original subject.

This is pretty much how a lens flare and wires had become the subject of my photo.

Hip enough?


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