Two for the price of one


For once you’ll get two pictures instead of one. Click!

Everyone walks this pier to take the same damned photo all the time. Here, see it yourself. But then again, it’s pretty understandable. Who would turn left at the end of the pier when you have such a gorgeous view ahead? And anyway, what’s so spectacular about a piece of metal pointing towards the sky? Nothing, right?

Now you expect me to prove how amazing a subject this piece of metal could be, but I won’t do that. I still consider it a dull thing to photograph. And yet there was something to it: the stillness of the lake in November was only bothered by the mild wind, sending ripples all the way ¬†through its surface. The sky was clear and calm; so were we with father.

There was much to talk about, and we had been talking for hours when we reached the pier. Even amidst ¬†the discussion I realized something special about the otherwise pedestrian view. I couldn’t decide how to tilt the camera, so I ended up with two pictures; here’s the other:PicsArt_01-14-08.14.50.jpg

I guess it’s up to you to decide which one makes a better shot. I still cannot pick either to this day.


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