45 post straight without a Tolkien reference? Something has to be done..

If you are somewhat familiar with the Lord of the Rings trilogy (may it be, haha, the book or the film), you must have heard about Lórien. You know, the elven forest where ancient folks walk amongst ancient trees and discuss ancient… stuff. Practically elvenkind and Lórien is Tolkien’s allegory to the bitter and bizarre nature of how humans perceive immortality. And as such, it’s pretty easy to see why the elves are one of the key reasons Tolkien’s world is so mesmerizing. So, Doriath is basically Lórien x10. The older, bigger, fancier, and, if you may, angstier version of Lórien. This is probably the main reason I love late autumn in Hungary. It lasts only a couple of days: when the trees still have a few leaves and it’s still relatively warm around sunset but the moment the sun dips down the horizon temperature dramatically drops. In real life, it’s only a couple of minutes every day, going for only a handful days.

Imagine if you could freeze this moment! I’d like to think that Tolkien’s elves and elven forests are doing the exact same thing this picture does. They all freeze a fleeting moment and prolong it to eternity. There. The eternal dusk of life – being an immortal being not quite alive nor dead at the same time – pairs up with an inexplicable amount of sorrow and beauty: just like those rare late autumn moments while strolling on the hills of Buda.

That’s my Doriath. What’s yours?



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