Ending the three-month hiatus with Leo going airborne.

I cannot exactly tell what has been happening lately. It seems it is not only analog photography capable of going into a Lazy period but also the blog itself. Alas, three months are gone without a single post. Fortunately, my muse is back — so here I present you another anecdote.

Leo is the kind of friend you meet in one of the most unthinkable situations. It’s the welcome reception for the international students. We are supposed to be schmoozing but all we can do is to hunt down the olives impaled by neon coloured plastic knives as a show of protesting against the event. So this is when I see this guy, a second quicker, reaching out for the last olive, and seeing his victory, laughing into my face. Five minutes in, and we are discussing our favourite books.

‘I love Hesse’s Steppenwolfe’ quips Peter.

‘How nice, I have it with me in German’ replies Leo.

‘Another favourite of mine is def. Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being’ says Peter.

‘I have it with me in Czech’ says him.

We sort of realized that was a one-in-a-million kind of match. So we forged a pretty enduring friendship — last time we have met in Eger he was brave enough to climb the Minaret (which, by the way, is the northernmost Ottoman minaret in the world). I was only brave to point the camera towards the sky and immortalize the moment before the space-rocket-minaret would lift off.

Want more? Follow the blog, I swear there’s more to come. Next up is a PWS post of Robert Capa.


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