Blown away

000021.jpgWell, making a Bob Dylan reference would be too mainstream, right?

It’s been quite a while without newly developed pictures posted on the blog. Speaking about the “lazy period“, huh? So the brand new set of photos encapsulate an almost half-year period. Having walked through the streets of Budapest, trekked in the hills of Brean Down or my usual trip along the coast of Balaton, a neat and versatile collection of frames assembled.

Brean Down is an unusually huge cliff (almost peninsula), stretching deep into the ocean, just a half-hour drive from Bristol. No wonder the title had to refer to the wind: it’s probably one of the stormiest places I’ve been to. So climbing the stairs up the side of the cliff is pretty exhausting (plus embarassing: some young guys were running up and down with a stopwatch).

Either way, the view was breathtaking as you could expect; the summit gave a perfect vantage point towards every direction. So the wind was pretty rough, and foliage could only survive if they accommodate to the harsh conditions. The tree-thing I photographed here is just one good example of how plants higher than 10 centimeters get by on top of the hill.

This is but one of the several pictures taken there; so tune in for other images, including a WW2 bunker and my (not that) little brother looking at the distance.


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