Roll on


That’s really subtle. Trust me.

Have I already promised you weren’t going to get any Kabak posts? Well, I failed you because here it is once again. To be fair, this is not exactly a Kabak image, though. After we had left the valley, we still had a good two hours at our hand before the last dolmush would leave the village. So why not pay a visit to the town’s only (and damn overpriced) tea house? Fine, the view was stunning; with the sun sinking fast, the golden hour greeted us with its warm smile.

Speaking of smile – the girls were having a good chat and even though none of them appreciated having a camera pointed at their face while they were having the time of their lives, it was just all too serene. I guess they admitted that it was more than enough to have me disturbing the peace, so they tried their best to ignore me.

I assume Ilay won the “who can ignore me the most” competition: with casually rolling her cigarette, my presence, with a the camera glued in front of my face unphased her. Hey – it was a good long minute until I took the picture!

This is just another image where a complex set of motions freeze into one frame. See, I even risk saying that a 70 second video wouldn’t be able to grasp that distinctive, almost ritual process of Ilay rolling a cigarette. Nope. But this image – it just does the work.


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