The sinking Sun, I guess. Like the fruit.

Ever heard of Ansel Adams? Well, the man was one of the pioneers of photography, known for taking countless photos of the Yosemite National Park (his usage of unorthodox film dimensions is another thing worth to study). What I found fascinating about him is that he could find (and present) the same subject without becoming dull. Cool, so what? Point is, Balaton is my Yosemite. This is only the second photo of the very same subject here on this blog(see the previous here), a classical sunset during late July, as seen from the Fonyód pier. Yes, dozens take the same photo even on the same day. Yes, July sunsets look pretty much the same. And well, sunset is pretty much an overused theme: with its warm and soft colors, it is hard not to find a picture taken during sunset not pleasing for the eye. And yet somehow it feels like each time it is different. That evening a myriad of clouds were stretching across the sky, nicely filling up two-thirds of the image (yes, I have a mild fetish for composing most of my images according to that rule). 

And before you’d ask, it is not a flying saucer switching to lightspeed at the right side. Accidents happen when you use analog.

3 thoughts on “Peach

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